Terms & Conditions Tax

These terms and conditions form a contract between you the ‘Client(s)’ and Belmond Tax Claims, which is a trading style of Belmond & Co Claims Management Limited whose address is Baird House, Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7DF. You should not sign our contract until you have read the our terms and conditions, privacy policy and the services Belmond Tax Claims provide, including any fees payable.

I/We hereby appoint Belmond Tax Claims to act on my/our behalf as my/our sole nominees in respect of all my/our claim(s) for a R40 relief claim / Marriage Allowance Relief Claim / Working From Home relief claim with HMRC. I/We shall provide all information required by Belmond Tax Claims as requested by return. I/We agree to forward all details received from HMRC. I/We shall not enter into any agreement with HMRC without first consulting Belmond Tax Claims.

What Belmond & Co will do:

We will progress your case(s) by the following procedure:

  • We will ask you to read our terms and conditions our website.
  • You will sign our letter of authority and a copy of our terms and conditions via our website(s).
  • When we receive your consent we will begin data gathering to determine the merits of a potential claim.
  • We will contact HMRC on your behalf and submit a R40 tax relief / Marriage Allowance Relief claim / Working From Home relief claim.
  • Where applicable you will refer the contents of the application to your partner / spouse, who will be the beneficiary of any relief you transfer to them.
  • We will not submit a claim until both the main applicant and their spouse / partner have both signed our terms and conditions if a Marriage Allowance Relief claim is made.
  • We will negotiate and obtain an offer of redress for you. We will ask for
    – Applicable relief from your Personal Saving Allowance, Personal Allowance for a R40 relief claim, Personal Allowance to be transferred to your spouse / partner depending on your / there income level in any particular tax year or a relief payment for Working From Home equal to £6 per week for each week when you worked from home due to COVID 19 restrictions and you employer did not reimburse you for any Working From Home expenses
    – We will make applicable relief claims for the previous 4 tax years;
  • We will keep you updated via SMS, email, post and telephone.

In signing these terms and conditions you agree to instruct Belmond Tax Claims to attempt to bring a R40 tax relief claim, Marriage Allowance Relief claim / Working From Home relief claim with HMRC. Belmond Tax Claims will seek acceptance of their fee (as set out below) if a specific claim, managed by Belmond Tax Claims, is successful. An acceptance form will be sent to you detailing the offer made, the amount of the Belmond Tax Claims Fee, and the amount left to you. This document must be signed by you before we can send our service invoice. We will ask for your designated bank details to transfer the balance of the tax refund less our service fee. If HMRC send payment direct to you then our service fee will be payable via bank transfer, payment over the phone or via our website.


Belmond Tax Claims have the right to cancel this agreement at any time and no fee will be payable by you if we think there are no grounds for a claim is unlikely to succeed. Belmond Tax Claims shall have the right to terminate the contract by giving written notice to you at any time to immediately terminate the contract if there is any material breach by you of any term within the contract. There is a 14-day cooling off period in which you may cancel the agreement without charge effective from the date you sign this agreement. If you terminate the contract after 14 days Belmond Tax Claims can seek official confirmation from HMRC that all claims undertaken have been cancelled. If a reasonable financial offer is made and you then cancel, Belmond Tax Claims will be entitled to claim our full fee of 30%. + VAT

Cancellation of any claims MUST be done by either calling our office, writing to us or sending us an email to tax@belmondclaims.com or in writing *notice will only be effective if and when received at the following address: – Belmond Tax Claims, Baird House, Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7DF or telephone 0191 731 5290 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. If it is found that, following termination of the agreement, a successful claim is upheld, money is recovered and that Belmond Tax Claims was the effective cause of such settlement, Belmond Tax Claim’s original invoice will remain valid. The full invoice will fall due in respect of the original agreement of 30% + VAT.

Law & Jurisdiction

The law applicable to this contract shall be English Law and the parties consent to the jurisdiction of the English courts in all matters affecting this contract. Services provided to you may include commencement of legal proceedings to recover compensation, but this is not applicable in every case. Belmond Tax Claims makes no representation or warranty to you that compensation will be obtained or is in any way guaranteed.

Fees & payment

If the case is successful and you accept our fee, we will raise our invoice against the Tax refund offer HMRC issue. Our fee is charged based on the value of the tax refund that is offered.

For example,

HMRC issue a tax refund of £500

Belmond Tax Claims invoice at 30% + VAT = £180

If HMRC send payment of the tax refund to Belmond Tax Claims they will deduct the £180 from the £500 and send the balance of £320 to you.

If HMRC send payment of the tax refund to you then you must contact Belmond Tax Claims to pay their invoice of £180.

The above fee illustration is not to be taken as an estimate of the amount likely to be recovered on your behalf. The fee that you pay may be more than or less than the illustration depending on the outcome of the claim.


Belmond Tax Claims has an internal complaints procedure. Please review our ‘Complaints Procedure’ on our website. Complaints can be made via any reasonable means including by telephone, email, in writing and in person. You can write to us at: – Belmond Tax Claims, Baird House, Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7DF, email us at: – tax@belmondclaims.com or telephone us on 0191 731 5290 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.