Pre-Disclosure Information

Please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions (it’s very important you do this so you are clear about how we charge for our service).

Who we are
Belmond & Co Claims Management is a Claims Management Company that is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Firm Reference Number: 838551
Head Office: Baird House, Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7DF
Telephone: 0191 731 5290
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

What service do we provide
We provide a claims service to clients to help them determine if they are eligible to claim back interest and charges incurred on High Cost Short Term Loans, Home Credit Loans and Guarantor Loans. We also assist clients to investigate whether they are entitled to make a claim against their motor finance lender for a hidden commission claim.

What we will do for you under this agreement

  • We will ask you to read our terms and conditions and this pre-disclosure notification on our website.
  • You sign our letter of authority and our terms and conditions via our digital sign pad on our website.
  • When we receive your consent we will begin data gathering to determine the merits of a potential claim
  • We will contact all the lenders you have informed us about on your behalf to request your full lending history, loan application data, loan agreements etc
  • Where applicable we will review your financial circumstances at the time of borrowing the loans, to determine your ability to afford and sustain the loans borrowed. We will review what checks the lender carried out at the time.
  • We sometimes ask clients to provide us with a copy of their credit report and complete questions about your income and expenditure at the time of borrowing the loans. But don’t worry we provide easy to use guidance on this. This helps us compile all the relevant evidence for your claim.
  • We will construct a letter of claim proving breaches in responsible lending standards or the non disclosure of commissions and represent your claim directly with the lender
  • We will negotiate and obtain an offer of redress for you. We will ask for:
    – a refund of interest and charges;
    – credit records to be updated to remove the mis-sold loan(s) or negative credit data; and
    – compensatory interest at 8% per year for the interest payments you have already made.

Where necessary and appropriate we will represent you with the Financial Ombudsman’s Service (FOS) Our experienced and trained case handlers provide a thorough and complex service to ensure your claims are represented to the highest standard.


Keeping you updated
We will keep you informed of your claims progress with text messages and emails from your case handler. At any time between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday you can call our office on 0191 731 5290 for an update or reply to any of the text messages / emails received from your case handler who will endeavour to respond quickly to any requests.

You will receive our standard updates when:
– We receive your signed authority
– When we have sent a Subject Access Request to your lender
– When we receive the Subject Access Request file back from the lender
– IF the review of the lender Subject Access Request file was positive and we believe you have a potential claim
– IF the review of the lender Subject Access Request file was negative and we believe you do not have a potential claim
– When we need you to send us important evidence for your case
– When we have submitted your claim to the lender
– When the lender acknowledges your claim
– If the lender requests further information
– When we receive further evidence we have requested on your behalf, for example bank statements,
– When the lender has issued a final decision
– What your options are if the lender does not uphold your claims

If the case is consented for us to refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) we will inform you when
– When we have submitted your claim to FOS
– When FOS acknowledges your claim
– If FOS requests further information
– When FOS has issued their assessment and view of your case
– If the lender accepts/Rejects the FOS assessment / view
– What your options are if the lender does not uphold your claims

Time frames
We expect lenders to respond to the claim within 8 – 12 weeks. If the claim is upheld and accepted a further 28 days for any refund payment to be made to you.

If the case is referred to FOS, depending on your current medical and financial circumstances, the decision could take a further 2 – 24 months depending on the Financial Ombudsman Service capacity and the lender interaction regarding the claim.

Cancelling your claim
You can cancel your agreement with us without charge within the 14 day cooling off period. You do not need to give us a reason why you cancelled however it us useful for our internal research and training if you are willing to share your reason.

In the event that you terminate the agreement after 14 days Belmond & Co Claims Management Ltd are entitled to charge a reasonable success fee that will reflect the work undertaken by Belmond & Co Claims Management Ltd in pursuit of the claim if a reasonable offer is made to you. Belmond & Co Claims Management Ltd will be entitled to claim our full fee (refer to Fees & Payments).

Cancellation of any claims MUST be done in writing or by telephone and notice will only be effective if and when received at the following address: – Belmond & Co Claims Management Ltd, Baird House, Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7DF or email address: or via our telephone number: 0191 731 5290

If it is found that, following termination of the agreement, a successful claim is upheld, money is recovered and that Belmond & Co Claims Management Ltd was the effective cause of such settlement, Belmond & Co Claims Management Ltd.’s original invoice will remain valid. The full invoice will fall due in respect of the original agreement (refer to Fees & Payments).

Your rights and options
This pre-disclosure is very important to make potential clients aware of what their options are when considering a claim against a Pay Day / Door Step Lender or motor finance lender:

1) You can contact the lender yourself to make a complaint
2) You may contact the Financial Ombudsman Service who will be able to give further advice. More information can be found on their website –
3) You can take out legal expense cover insurance which typically covers legal proceedings relating to your home, your employment, your death or personal injury and the supply of goods or services